A promising future for turkeys economy

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Turkey's economy seen growing 1 percent in 2018, short of government target: Reuters poll

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Is Erdogan's Turkey on the edge of a crash?

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He is promising his country a glorious future. "Our economy is on the right track and everyone can see how we invest," the Hurriyet newspaper quoted him as saying recently.

Turkey will soon become. Turkey’s economy is on the upswing, buoyed by strong private consumption, investments, and exports. While the short-term outlook seems promising, rising inflation and a deteriorating current account could derail the growth story. Turkey’s external vulnerability remains high.

Turkey won't fight with the markets, Treasury and Finance Minister Albayrak says

Further tapering of U.S. monetary policy in could negatively affect capital flows, raising interest and exchange rate risks for Turkey’s external debt. The private sector is particularly affected as it accounts for 70% of external debt. Nevertheless, there is a much wider potential role for turkeys in the future.

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May 15,  · Watch video · Even the threat of political interference in setting interest rates will harm the economy, said Durmus Yilmaz, Turkey’s central bank governor from to and now an adviser to a newly formed opposition party.

A promising future for turkeys economy
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