An analysis of male infanticide in captive plains zebra

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Plains zebra

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Male infanticide and paternity analyses in a socially natural herd of Przewalski's horses: Sexual selection? These foals were excluded from the infanticide analysis, as they had died before the stallions could potentially attack them.

L. BartosMale infanticide in captive plains zebra Equus burchelli. Anim. Behav., 59 (), pp.


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The time when the new male joined the herd appeared highly influential DISCUSSION (records for two males were not available and hence these males were excluded; logistic regression, whole-model As predicted, we found evidence of male infanticide in test: 21 =, P.

On the assumption that infanticide exists in plains zebra, as reported for horses, Equus caballus, we tested the following hypothesis. Introducing a new zebra male into a herd of breeding females should increase.

An analysis of male infanticide in captive plains zebra

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An analysis of male infanticide in captive plains zebra
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