Design of a polystyrene plant for

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EPS Recycling

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Sina Energy Development Company (SEDCO) intends to carry out Feed Availability Study and Feasibility Study for a C 2 + Recovery Plant,a new Pre-fractionators plant,and an Olefin Plant Complex.

CHE – Plant Design Project #4 Summer DESIGN OF A STYRENE PRODUCTION PROCESS (Courtesy of the Department of Chemical Engineering at West Virginia University).

Polystyrene (EPS) Project information Plant: Plant for the production of expandable poylstyrene (EPS) Location: Perm, Russia Capacity: 2 x 50, t/y Licensor: Sunpor Technology S.A. Services of CAC p Project management p Detail engineering p Design specification for civil & structural steel, heating & ventilation p Deliveries p.

Plant design Inthe site had several individual manufacturing plants including the styrene plant, polystyrene plant, EPS plant, phenol formaldehyde resins plant, ground resins plant, polyester resins plant and gelcoat resins plant. Total Petrochemicals operates a styrene plant in Carville, Louisiana and is one of the largest styrene facilities of this design in the world.

Total also operates a polystyrene plant in Carville and is also one of the largest single site polystyrene facilities in the world. Clark Foam Products. Clark Foam Products is a company dedicated to fabricating foam products for many industries since With state-of-the-art cutting equipment that can produce intricate shapes and sizes in a wide variety of foams, blended rubber and vinyls, natural sponge rubber and synthetic fiber.

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