Is germany at fault for wwii

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Revealed: How 'neutral' Sweden made secret loans to Nazi Germany during WWII

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Why People Hate Jews

Lame Cherry April 25, @ pm. One must always be careful of the “smoking gun” as in reality there are a number of “smoking guns” in all situations. Is Germany at fault for World War II? World War Two was a time of devastation and misfortune for all people in the world.

The war lasted for six years, and involved more than countries, costing fifty-five million lives and material damage of some three billion dollars. Thomas Hobbes is an Australian uni student hiding out in his mother's basement waiting for the singularity to arrive. As a backup plan he is secretly hoping to avoid the perils of an actual career by becoming a writer and travelling the world.

World War I, like its sequel, was Germany’s fault. Revisionist history can be fun, but in this case it is just wrong. World War I, like its sequel, was Germany’s fault. Yes, Germany. Revealed: How 'neutral' Sweden made secret loans to Nazi Germany during WWII.

By Allan Hall for MailOnline Updated: EDT, 16 February

Is germany at fault for wwii
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