My first submarine underway

After a submarine is in front for a long maintenance period, tires and spares are loaded, and use fuel and water are topped off, etc.

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My First Submarine Underway

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Quals look really stressful at first, they give you a stack of at least 10 qual cards. Focus on ships quals, but remember all your rate quals. While underway, you’ll either be cranking or spending time on in rate quals doing under instructions.

United Nations - U.N.

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Agenda 21 depopulation of 95% of world by year is now underway,signed and approved by world leaders at the Rio,Brazil Earth Summit in Submarine special and Spyron missions conducted during a war patrol in the southwest Pacific area during World War II.

Click Here for information about the Korean War, our long time good friend on the internet, Ted Barker has a wonderful website and even has my Uncle Joe (KIA) listed on the site.

My first submarine underway
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Submarine - The Basics about U.S. Nuclear Powered Submarines