Reasons to blame mary warren for witchcraft

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She is misplaced to do anything to charge Elizabeth with guidance. Mary Ann Warren was the oldest accuser during the Salem witch trials, being 18 years old, when the trials began.

She was a servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor. Renouncing her claims after being threatened to be hanged, she was later arrested for allegedly practicing witchcraft herself, but did not wowinternetdirectory.comtion: Maidservant.

The girls know, as Mary Warren states at the end of act two, that if they try to back out, Abby will "turn on" them and accuse them of being a witch. Keeping power and control keeps Abby safe.

The Crucible

She has lost all but one of her children shortly after they were born and wants someone to blame (a scapegoat). What is the source of the conflict between Parris and Proctor?

Proctor questions Parris's beliefs and morals. In the beginning, Mary agrees to go with John Proctor and testify against Abigail in court, but then when actually in court, she flakes under pressure and accuses Proctor of witchcraft and joins.

Mary Warren also states that Abigail saw her sewing because she sat next to Mary Warren. The men still take Elizabeth into custody, and Hale, Corey, and Nurse leave.

Proctor tells Mary Warren that she must testify in court against Abigail. MARY WARREN, in terror: I cannot, they'll turn on me— (II) Mary's ultimately spineless nature is revealed in the court scene, when under pressure of being hanged she once again flips, accusing John Proctor of witchcraft and Devil-worship.

Here's a Character Analysis of Mary Warren from 'The Crucible' Reasons to blame mary warren for witchcraft
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Here's a Character Analysis of Mary Warren from 'The Crucible'